Current Status

In this section we will describe activities used to establish protocols, to select standards to be used, and to address issues of indexing and retrieval. Workflow and training programs to support the larger project are being developed. Both the content and the mechanisms for using it will be made available in open source code in due course of time.

The Process workflow is summarized in terms of three major process elements:  

  • Pre Scanning Process
  • Scanning Process
  • Post Scanning Process

 Pre Scanning Process

  • Books Procured are enlisted using the Regular Meta Data information
  • Books are then submitted to the "Digital Library of India system" for duplication verification
  • The system checks for the duplicates and generates the barcode for only non duplicate books
  • The barcode assigned books are then issued to the contractors for the scanning operation

 Scanning Process

  • The books are scanned at a particular location or centre with an allotted Scanning machine and an operator

  • The operator creates the structural meta information for the book he / she scans

  • The operator/ meta data entry operator enters the admin meta information for the books scanned on a particular day

  • The Scanned books undergo processing and OCR and also Quality control is done by the Contractors/Supervisors

  • The scanned and processed books are copied onto the hard disks and DVDs

  • The DVDs are submitted to the source / location /scanning centre

  • The Hard disks are brought to the central server location for web enablement

Post Scanning Process

  • The contractors/supervisors upload the Meta information obtained in two formats: Admin and Structural to the central server.

  • The system admin coordinates the meta information and the actual content obtained and allocates a server for the same

  • The Quality assurance team works on the content before they are uploaded onto the server.

  • If the Quality assurance certifies the quality of the content and meta information then the content is uploaded

  • Else it appears offline unless the content is corrected based on the defects found

Tools used:

The following are the specialty tools that are developed, customized and used for the Digital Library Project:

  • Meta Data Software

    1. Pre-Scanning Meta Form

    2. Post-Scanning Meta Form

  • OM transliteration Software

    1. Indian Fonts and iTrans manual and mapping table for Indian Languages

  • Quality Assurance Software Package

    1. Duplication Checking Tool

    2. Image Quality Checking Tool

    3. Meta Data Quality Checking Tool

  • Server Management Tool

    1. Server Software and its services

  • Workflow management Software

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