Digital Library Talks

Presentations on May 2004 Meeting Presented By
Village Panchayat Knowledge Centers For Rural Prosperity

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

The Million Book Digital Library Project

Prof. Raj Reddy

Universal Digital Library - Status Report

Prof. N. Balakrishnan

Million Book Project Vision


Copyright Policy

Michael I Shamos

Digital Library Specification

Ms. Madhavi Ganapathiraju

Mini-UL Hardware Platform - Brief Design Overview

Eric Burns

Systems/DB/UI Issues of Large Shared Distributed Digital Library: Problems & Solution Directions

Peter P. Chen

Multimedia in Digital Libraries- Some Research Issues in CADAL Project

Yueting Zhuang

Recent Progress in China-US Million Book Digital Library Project

Zhao Jihai

Recent Progress in China-US Million Book Digital Library Project

Zhao Jihai

Development of CADAL and Digitization Activities in Tsinghua Library

Jiang Airong

Digital Library Project at President’s Office

Mr. V. Ponraj

AKCE UDL - Project Status

Mr. K. Sridharan

Tirupati Digital Library

Mr. Balaji Prasad

New Order of Knowledge Based Society: Multilingualism, Universal Access & Collaborative Creativity

Dr. Om Vikas

Internet Archive

Mr. Sriram

Mega Scanning Center International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad

Mr. G. V. Subba Rao

Universal Digital Library, Public Libraries, Hyderabad

Mrs. S. Venkamma

Assembling the World's Biggest Library on Your Desktop

Mr. M. D.Tiwari

UDL @ SASTRA – A SnapshotOnline Metadata Entry Form

Mr. S. Vaidhya Subramaniam

Online Metadata Entry Form

Dr. Venkatesan